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Why the Pension Is Not a Good Retirement Plan

The current government age pension provides just $19,000 annually for retirement.  Can you live on this amount of money? 

If you have been working hard all your life then $19,000 per annum in retirement will not sustain your current standard of living.  To maintain your current standard of living, you will need to consider saving for retirement.  Your superannuation funds may not be enough.  Plus, there are conditions that you must meet to access your superannuation.  You must be permanently retired at the age of 55 to 60 (depending on the year you were born) to access your super with extra conditions attached.  Once you have reached the age of 65 you may access your super without being retired, however there will be conditions attached.

But if you want access to your finances when you need them for retirement, which is not dependant on your age, consider investing in property.

My Money House have a team of property specialists that can assist you to do the following:

  • Understand the right way to invest in property.
  • Understand the financial outlay required, your weekly contribution or weekly income to be received.
  • Understand the hot spots to invest in by using a property matrix formula.
  • Build an investment property using a turn-key solution.
  • Assisting you to find the best finance.
  • Assist in finding and managing your tenants.

For more information about how to invest in property, contact My Money House today.