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What kinds of Business Finance can My Money House provide?

My Money House provides business finance too small to medium sized businesses.  My Money House have a Commercial Finance Broker on site to ensure you get the best Business Finance to suit your needs.  The Business Loans that My Money House can obtain for you include:

  • Working Capital – This loan can be secured against your business or unsecured. If the loan is secured the interest rate is lower.  This finance will cover costs like negative cash flow, paying suppliers and employees’ wages.  Repayments commence after you have drawn down on your working capital loan.
  • Purchase a Business – A loan to finance the purchase of a business. You will need to provide financial statements of the business including cash flow, profitability, tax returns, sales forecasts and growth potential.  We will also need to see your qualifications and personal assets and liabilities.
  • Commercial Business Loan – To purchase real estate for business operations including retail, industrial, an office complex, aged care facilities, hotels, and apartments. This loan can be for buying land, property development or construction.
  • Equipment and Vehicle Finance – To purchase motor vehicles; commercial vehicles; plant and machinery; agricultural equipment; computers, photocopiers and phone systems; medical and dental equipment; office equipment; and general business equipment.

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