Home in Ringwood

What is Rent Invest?

Rent Invest is a fantastic opportunity to Enter the Market and purchase a home and rent in an area you would like to live; but may not be able to afford to purchase. My Property House can source a property for you that is in a suburb where property prices are likely to increase, and great tenants are easy to find. They can assist you to work out your finances and develop a home owning strategy that will meet your needs. The present tax system is great for property investors. You could get various tax deductions on your property investment and property maintenance costs. Our Property Specialists are aware of these deductions and how you can use them to become a home owner. If you are currently renting a home because you can’t to buy a home, consider talking to a My Property House Consultant. They are experienced and have assisted many renters become property owners and realise the great Australian dream of owning their own home. To find out more contact My Property House today.