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If you miss to  invest in South Australia’s property market now, you will possibly regret in the future! Continue reading this article why and how you can enter the market today!

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South Australia, being one of the best places to live in Australia and Adelaide, the capital city’s economy rising, the property market here is beating decreasing markets across major cities of Australia. In a recent article published by The Advertiser and available online at, Adelaide houses’ median value has recorded the high price ever making it to $500,000 in 2018, which easily beats other major Australian cities.

In December quarter of 2018, while the statewide median house recorded a price increase of only 1.9%, Adelaide alone observed the increment by 2.13%.

Below are the top performing suburbs (image source:  )sa property record high price


What does this high price record mean?

Real Estate Institute of South Australia president Brett Roenfeldt said this demonstrates the continuing resilience and strength of the South Australian property market and sent a clear message to the rest of country that SA is the place to invest.


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Investing in Adelaide’s property market is the best decision you can think of. If you are thinking of investing and miss to invest during this time, then from years from now, you will regret not making the right decision on time. The only reason for this is Adelaide’s rising property market while other major cities in Australia are facing decreasing property market.

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