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Property Management Services

Our team of professionals are passionate, committed and dedicated to delivering exceptional service, utilising our superior web based property management technology. 

We recognise that a property investment is an important and highly valuable asset for many people, hence we understand that the ongoing management, including maximising returns and maintaining a high-quality tenant, is a prime consideration for owners.

As technology develops, so do we. We won’t bore you with a written inspection report, instead, you will get to see exactly the state of your investment with a visual picture- not just words.

A substantial portion of our owners also reside in a state or outside the country of where the investment property is located, so we are highly experienced in ensuring they have the peace of mind that their property is being managed with the utmost of professionalism.

Why Choose My Property House?

Landlord-First Approach

For us, your interests come first. We’re committed to boosting your rental income and slashing maintenance costs. Plus, we always keep you in the loop with regular updates and comprehensive inspections to make sure your property stays in pristine condition year-round.

Superior Returns

Our strategy is simple: maximise your profits. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the market to secure timely rent increases, so you’re always earning what your property deserves. Our proactive approach to property management results in exceptionally low vacancy rates, meaning your income stream remains robust. And with our zero-tolerance policy for rent arrears, we ensure that your cash flow is uninterrupted.

Quality Tenants

Good tenants are gold. We don’t just find renters; we find the right renters. Our thorough vetting process includes detailed background checks, reference verification, and employment confirmation to ensure that your tenants are reliable and responsible. With our careful screening, we can help prevent issues down the line, saving you time and money.

National Exposure

We’re members of the Real Estate Institutes across SA, QLD, NSW, and VIC, so your property gets the spotlight it deserves all across Australia. Our connections mean more eyes on your property, and our vast database of renters increases the chances of finding the perfect match fast.

Responsive and Personal Service

At My Property House, we pride ourselves on our responsive and personal service. You’ll have a dedicated Property Manager who knows your property inside and out and is always just a call or email away. Whether it’s handling day-to-day issues or strategising for future growth, we’re here to support you.

Our property management solution is all about excellence and going the extra mile for you. We’re here to make sure your property investment can knock it out of the park.

Why not give us a shout today? Let’s show you how we can turn your property goals into a big win.

Check Out Our Property Management Services Today

Ready to take the hassle out of property management? Let My Property House take the wheel! We’re here to streamline every aspect of managing your rental, from getting the perfect tenants to handling midnight maintenance calls. With us, it’s all about less stress and more success.

Why waste another minute sweating the small stuff when you can have our property management firm do it for you? Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can take your property management worries off your hands.