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Meet the Team at My Money House

My Money House is made up a team of specialists that have the relevant qualifications and experience in their field.  They are dedicated to supporting you in obtaining a home loan, car loan, personal loan, investment loan, business loan, personal insurance, investment property or residential property.

The My Money House team consists of the following specialists:

Brandon Martin – Senior Finance Specialist – Brandon Martin has worked for My Finance House for 4 years and has successfully worked his way through the company to become a qualified Finance Specialist with My Finance House. He has a strong customer service focus and enjoys helping his clients achieve their goals through selecting the right strategy based on their individual personal circumstances. In 2017 Brandon won AFG Home Loans Broker of the year and been nominated for AFG Broker of the year in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

Kobe Moore – Credit Assessment Manager – Kobe Moore has worked for My Finance House for 5 years after 10+ years as a lending officer at Westpac. Kobe’s understanding of the hundreds of loans available ensures that clients are placed with the best lender and loan to match their needs and goals.

Stella Michalik – Finance Specialist – Stella has worked for My Finance House since the beginning of 2018 after completing her relevant qualifications and training while employed as a MMH consultant. Stella is dedicated to helping her clients and at a young age has already purchased her first home and looking to start her investment journey. We are confident that Stella is the next rising star in the industry and will be recognised as a young achiever in the finance industry.

Mitchell Hadjinicolaou – Finance Specialist – Mitchell has working for My Finance House since the beginning of 2018 after completing his relevant qualification and training while employed as a MMH consultant. With his family already working in the finance industry Mitchell’s passion is to follow in their footsteps and help clients achieve the best possible outcomes and results.

James Marshall – Property Specialist – James understanding of the property market comes from continual training and research of property data. At a young age James entered the property market. His knowledge with the support of our strong customer service team ensures that every single client receives the guidance, information and care required when either investing in property or purchasing their first home.

Andrew Bojovic – Insurance Specialist – Andrew joined the team in 2018 after a long career in the general home insurance industry. Making the shift to personal insurance Andrew’s passion is to ensure that his client’s futures are in safe hands and they are protected against life’s events.

Our specialists work with our customer service team to ensure the best possible outcome for every client in a timely manner.

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