Mortgage Broking

My Finance House provides you with a team of qualified mortgage brokers and wealth creation experts. The My Finance House team differ from the big banks because we truly care about finding the right loan for you.

We take all facets of your financial situation into account before recommending a loan, personalising the process to ensure all your needs are met.

Armed with an inherent understanding of how various banks or lenders operate, we utilise our knowledge and professionalism to your advantage. We will be able to quantify how structuring a loan and a prudent interest rate strategy is most critical. In addition to being able to provide you with professional advice, and negotiate loan terms for our clients.

With our flex mortgage software, our mortgage brokers will search through hundreds of loans from our panel of lenders and find the right one for you.

With My Finance House you can expect:

  • Easy – we will do all the hard work for you
  • Quick – we will compare hundreds of loans in just minutes
  • No Brokering Fee – we do not charge for the services we provide as mortgage brokers as we are paid the bank the loan is through
  • Detailed – we will look at all the features of the right loan for you and not just the interest rate
  • Personal – We will provide a service that is fully personalised to your specific needs
  • Professional – We provide fully trained and accredited brokers