Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance provides financial protection for you and your family against illness, injury and even death. Personal Insurance is often surprisingly affordable and a well-chosen plan provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is financially protected should the worst occur.

There are a number of different types of cover available so it is important to choose both the type and level of cover that is right for both you and your family’s needs. At My Insurance House we can offer you general advice to help you decide or alternatively we can recommend the type and level of insurance you should obtain based on your personal needs and circumstances should you require this service.

Choosing the right level of cover will depend upon the type of insurance you choose but there are a number of factors that you would normally take into account, being:

  • any debts you have, such as a mortgage or credit card debts
  • the number of persons financially dependent on you and their age
  • your family’s day to day living costs whether funds are required to cover future expenditure, such as your children’s education
  • your current income and level of personal savings

Common types of Personal Insurance are:

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