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How does My Property House manage my investment property?

My Property House has a process to ensure that you get the best tenants possible and rent for your investment property.  This process includes the following:
  • Appraising your property to understand the rent that you can obtain from your investment property.
  • Having a database of reliable renters whom pay their rent and leave the property in excellent condition.
  • Regular inspections on all areas of your property and reports on your investment property with zero tolerance rent control.
  • Photographing the property to ensure the landlord has peace of mind at the landlord’s request.
  • No smoking inside the premises with a clause in the tenancy contract.
  • A reliable maintenance request system to ensure that the property is kept up to a standard and has a positive return.
  • Exceptional communication from My Property House which is expected from you in return.
We work with you every step of the way and even have landlords interstate that we keep informed about their properties.  My Property House customers are always happy with their rental returns and the condition of their properties. For more information about managing your investment property, contact My Property House.