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How Does My Money House Save Me Money On My Home Loan?

My Money House has accredited and experienced Mortgage Brokers that can assist you to find a home loan to suit your needs.

We have a range of approved home loans from different banks and financial institutions that we can choose from to ensure you get the best loan.  These home loans have different interest rates and could have a redraw facility, offset account, options for extra payments, split loan, no ongoing fee, and/or mortgage insurance.

We work with you to discuss what each of these options are and which ones are important to you in a home loan. 

Line of Credit – You can pay into and withdraw from this account and keep up with regular repayments.  Your income can be paid into this account to help pay off the mortgage sooner. 

Offset account – A separate account that you have your pay paid into which decreases the balance of your loan account to reduce the interest paid.

Flexible paymentsPaying more money into the loan when you have that money available to reduce the interest paid.

Flexible rates – Fixed or variable interest rates, depending on which way interest rates are heading and how you can save on interest paid.

My Money House will give you the best comparison rate based on your needs in a home loan.

Take our Home Loan Comparison today.