Home Owners Insurance

How Does Enter The Market Assist First Home Buyers?

Property Specialists at Enter the Market understand the needs of first home buyers and can assist you in the following ways:

  • Explaining the process to understand the requirements and ensure a smooth transition into a brand new first home.
  • Only a $3,000 deposit is required to secure your first house and land package.
  • Access lenders where you are not required to make payments during the construction phase of your loan to ensure you can continue to pay your rent during this period.
  • Fixed price house and land packages are available to first home buyers so there are no nasty surprises and variations to contracts costing more money.
  • A guaranteed build time to ensure your new home is ready to move into at the handover date.
  • Quality house and land packages are available through South Australia and Australia wide.
  • Giving you access to information about the First Home Owners’ Grant and assisting you with understanding the criteria and lodging your application.
  • If you choose to build, Enter the Market can give you access to a range of builders and plans to find a home for you.

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