Investment Guide

How do I Secure My Income for Retirement?

All you want is to have a good lifestyle in your retirement. So just how do you secure your income so that you can use it in retirement. My Property House can assist you with purchasing an Investment Property that can secure your income in retirement. My Property House have a range of investment property packages that include residential properties in popular Australian suburbs. Property is a secure investment in the long term, is relatively simple to understand, and easy to leverage. My Property House can assist you to create a property investment portfolio by: • Teaching you to understand property as an investment. • Helping you in setting your budget and understanding your financial capacity. • Providing research and information on specific properties and their potential return on investment. • Guidance in understanding the numbers including cash flow, equity, negative gearing and tax benefits. • Ongoing access to a team of professionals whom can research the property market, find you the best property and loan to suit your needs. • Manage your property portfolio to ensure high rental returns. For more information about property investment and building your own property portfolio book a strategy session.