How Can My Money House Secure Me the Best Car Loan?


My Money House has assisted thousands of people to obtain the best car loans that suit their needs.  We discuss your needs and explain all the features to get you the best car loan.  The items that we discuss include:

  • The make of the vehicle you would like to purchase
  • If your vehicle is new, used or demo vehicle
  • Whether the car is used for business or private purposes
  • How much money you need to pay for the vehicle
  • The period of the loan from 2 to 7 years
  • The option to have a residual amount at the end of the contract to reduce the payment amounts
  • The option to put down a deposit for the loan
  • Lower interest rate due to the loan being secured against the vehicle

Once My Money House understand your needs, we can compare the features of a list of car loans from different banks and financial institutions and find you the best car loan to suit your needs.

Please visit My Money House for more information about a car loan.


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