Protect Your Home With Insurance Options

Keep your home and belongings protected against loss and damage from risks such as flood, fire, storm and theft, as well as minor mishaps from accidental damage with our homeowners insurance. Valuable items, such as jewellery and electronics, can also be covered 24/7 away from home – and even when traveling.

Find out how building and contents insurance for home owners can help to minimise any significant financial impact upon you and your family should an unforeseen event occur.



Includes furniture, appliances, clothing, personal effects, jewellery, watches, paintings, rugs, garden equipment, bicycles, sporting equipment, antiques, collections, carpets, curtains, blinds and more.


Loss and Damage

Home insurance cover for storm, flood, fire, burglary, malicious damage, lightning and more.

Legal Liability

Up to $30 million legal liability for 3rd party personal injury and property damage.

Find the Right Level of Cover

  1. Basic: Keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing peace of mind. BASIC protects you from common risks such as fire, storm, break-ins, etc, with optional flood cover.
  2. Standard: Get insured for common risks such as fire, storm, break-ins, etc. The STANDARD homeowners insurance also has additional cover benefits for building and contents policies, with optional cover for valuable items.
  3. Intermediate: Get protected against risks such as fire, storm, break-ins, etc. INTERMEDIATE has more additional cover benefits and higher limits than STANDARD, with optional cover for valuable items.
  4. Comprehensive: Stay covered against loss and damage from all the common risks, as well as minor mishaps caused by accidental damage. This homeowners warranty insurance offers the most additional cover benefits and the highest limits, with optional cover for valuable items.

Looking for Homeowners Insurance?

Secure your home with confidence! At My Money House, we understand that your home is more than just a building; it’s where life happens, and memories are made. Our tailored homeowners insurance solutions protect your sanctuary against unforeseen events like fire, theft, and natural disasters. Whether you need basic protection or comprehensive coverage, we have options to fit your unique needs and budget.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home and belongings are safeguarded. Get a hassle-free quote online today and join the many homeowners who trust us with their most valuable asset. Reach out to the team at My Money House today!

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