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Leukaemia Foundation

The Leukaemia Foundation is the preferred charity partner of My Money House. The Leukaemia Foundation is a charity that has personal significance to the My Money House team with one of our Directors Simon Cvetkoski having had personal experience with the illness.

More than 60,000 people are living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or other related blood disorders and 34 people are diagnosed every day.

The Leukaemia Foundation receive no on-going government funding for all the great work they do and My Money House are pleased to be a part of the community that is increasing awareness and fighting this illness supporting those currently living with a blood cancer.

Simon, who currently is only 2 more tests away from being in remission, has spent years battling CML, (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) which is a cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.

Although living within very strict routines in regards to diet and treatment Simon certainly had days of intense pain and sickness and the mental battle with obvious questions of why me?




It was one day when Simon was waiting for his appointment with his doctor, a day which was not a good one given how he was feeling that he saw a young girl there who was 13 -14 years of age who was also waiting for her appointment with her family. Despite the obvious battle the young girl herself was going through she was with her family playing and laughing and enjoying herself. This for Simon was a turning point, watching this young girl go through this yet loving life and loving being with her family created a moment within Simon that stopped all those negatives thoughts and had him focussed on doing what he could to get better and enjoy life.

Simon now has 2 more tests (quarterly) to come back negative and be in remission. As a result of his journey and seeing what Leukaemia can do not only to individuals but also their families and friends Simon and Andrew (mmh Directors) are excited by the support My Money House can provide to the Leukaemia Foundation and all the relevant staff and families.

To mark our relationship with the Leukaemia Foundation we are sponsoring the Leukaemia Foundation Ride as One for Blood Cancer cycling journey from Port Lincoln to Adelaide as a Gold Sponsor committing to this event for 3 years.



My Money House have also approached the Adelaide 36ers and formed the inaugural Leukaemia Foundation Game which will feature uniform branding, money raising, singlet auctions and the opportunity for donations as Leukaemia Foundation head into the World’s Greatest Shave.

There are so many ways to help support the Leukaemia Foundation and My Money House are proud to do all we can to increase awareness and more importantly funds.
If you wish to make a donation to the Leukaemia Foundation please remember that the smallest of amounts can make the world of difference to some.





More than 60,000 people are living with leukaemia







How the money helps


The Leukaemia Foundation provides practical support to those living with a blood cancer, as well as their family members and carers. Your valued engagement allows vital funds to be directed to those who need it most.

$27 provides an information pack to help someone understand their disease and the challenges ahead


$36 gives emotional support to help someone overcome the initial shock of being diagnosed


$52 provides personal support to someone who is in hospital through weekly support visits


$58 provides daily patient transport services to and from hospital for all treatment cycles


$80 allows a regional family 1 nights’ accommodation completely free of charge at the Bridgestone Australia Leukaemia Foundation Village


$120 can help fund a research scholarship to give essential support to a major blood cancer research project


$250 allows people the latest information to manage their disease at tailored education sessions


$500 can aid future breakthroughs by funding a major blood cancer research projects